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This article discusses the beauty options available for expectant and post moms when it comes to doing a mini-makeover for yourself. We will discuss how to apply make-up, what types of products to use on your skin and how to begin a new beauty regiment.

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Mommy Make-Over

If you’re expecting, I’m sure you have a lot on your plate as far as getting ready for the maternity journey and preparing for baby. With all the new changes and adjustments; sometimes “Taking Care of You” takes a back seat.

To help you start “Taking Care of You,” you have to evaluate your daily activities. Well, now you ask, “What have I done for myself lately?” Ladies, this is an important question. It turns out many of us are so caught up with taking care of everyone else that we forget to do the little things for ourselves. Beginning something new and fresh for you is always exciting but requires some effort.

If you want to look and feel better while preparing for a new addition to your family, let’s start with getting you on the right track with your beauty regiment.

Let’s start with your hair: Taking care of your hair, makes a world of difference on how you feel and perceive yourself. If you put your hair up everyday with a scrunchy or clip you really need to STOP. This tragic behavior usually results in falling into a rut.

So, I would reiterate my usual advice on making an appointment with a stylist. If you don’t have one, ask around and see which salon or stylist falls into your budget. Remember, you don’t have to go to a poshy salon or spend a fortune. There are options and some really talented stylists out there. So, a cute hair cut and some natural looking hi-lites will make you look and feel better. This can easily translate to your “Mommy Makeover.” Buy new products for your hair, Maternity Salon offers a complete hair care line especially for moms. Check it out!

Moving onto your skin care, I’ve come across a lot of great products lately for skin. One great facial cleanser you should use to get rid of makeup at night or morning is called, “St. Ives. Facial Cleanser.” Getting into a routine with washing your face before bed and when you wake really helps your pores to stay clean and refreshed. After you wash your face, I suggest using a face cream by “Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, or Dove” look for the specific type of skin you have and use that product.

After two weeks, you will see a huge difference. Remember, if you’re going to through some rough dry patch problems you should consult with your doctor about using anything.

Lastly, what about the rest of your body, well I’m a firm believer in using “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter” for your belly (to avoid stretch marks) and everywhere else for hydration. After you shower and your skin is still moist is usually the best time to apply. Also, dehydration is a big culprit for bad or dry skin, so remember to drink your water. (Do you ever wonder why you see models or actresses drinking water?. It’s to keep their skin looking beautiful!)

Now, onto the fun part, MAKE-UP! In completing your own “Mommy Makeover,” choosing great make-up does make a difference. I have to be honest with you and tell you that to look good you don’t need a ton of gook on your face. To start your beauty make-up application, you can apply foundation if that’s your preference.

There is a really great foundation out made by “Revlon called, Custom Creations.” This foundation is light and airy and really can be matched to your skin tone. There is also SPF 15 in this product, so it makes you look good and protects your skin at the same time. In using foundation, only apply a dab to your finger or sponge and use sparingly around your eyes, forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Remember, less is more.

Next, I would apply a mineral based bronzer, which can be lightly dusted on for a pretty glow. Maternity Salon offers a mineral makeup bag with your custom shade; check it out on our product page. Mineral makeup is really trendy right now, because it holds a natural feel and look. It really gives you a healthy look without looking like you just had a fight with a blush brush.

As for eye shadow and liners, there are so many beautiful colors and textures available with “MAC, Bobby Brown, or Revlon. (Really the list is endless)” Right now, I am using MAC. They sell their colors in these small palettes, which are really cute and totally compact. Usually when I go to MAC, their consultants are super helpful; just tell them what you want (a natural looking color that matches your skin tone or coloring.)

This is also fun, because if you have time you can have them do a ‘mini-makeover’ at the counter and they suggest the right products and how to use them. Ask for advice on applying the eye shadow or liner, makes sure it’s to your liking. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you think the colors are too dark or light. I usually don’t leave MAC without an eye shadow, lip gloss and mascara. These three products are essential.

Lip gloss is really the icing on the cake. Without lip gloss your look is not complete. Choosing a light, natural shade can help in creating a finished look for your new “Mommy Makeover.”

So, now you have your basics on the beginning of your new “Mommy Makeover,” make a difference today and get yourself feeling great and motivated.

PS- Swing by a maternity clothing store like, “Motherhood, Pea in a Pod or Old Navy,” purchase a few essential outfits to really complete your look. You’ll be happy you did.

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